jazz vespers

Jazz Vespers is an hour long service that incorporates traditional jazz and gospel music performed by an eight piece band into a meditation/celebration of music, prayer and fellowship.  We usually perform one hour, and invite the public and our church family into our church home for a casual, relaxed atmosphere of food, drinks, fellowship and a short prayer and word of meditation.  We have been performing at Southside Baptist as The Band of Jazz Vespers since about 1992.  We perform three to four times a year, usually on a quarterly basis.  Hope to see you at the next Vespers.  We really have a good time.  The band consists of:

Danny Fravel, Alto Saxophone

David Amaral, Tenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophone, flute and clairinet

Collins Bo Berry, Trumpet

Dr. Robert Black, Trombone

John Nuckols, Drums

Roy Yarbrough, Bass

Rickey Powell, Vocals

Cheryl Simonetti, Piano/Music Director