photography and videography


Because the wedding ceremony takes place within a context of worship, photography must not detract from the beauty or solemnity of the service. No flash photography may be used during any part of the actual wedding ceremony. The photographer(s) must not be seen during the ceremony and can remain in the back of the church or in the balcony.

Pictures may be made before and after the service. Flash pictures may only be taken as the couple leaves the church, the photographer should be in the back of the Sanctuary for these pictures.

The Church building will be available to the Party for up to six (6) hours the day of the wedding. If other arrangements are necessary, they will need to be discussed with the Wedding Director. All photography equipment must be removed from the Sanctuary at least 45 minutes before the wedding begins.

It is recommended that as many pictures as possible be taken PRIOR to the wedding ceremony. 

The Bride should notify the photographer that one (8x10) picture of the Bride be donated to the Church for our records.


Videotaping of the wedding service is permitted from back of the Sanctuary. The camera must be hidden from view and in place at least 45 minutes before the wedding ceremony begins. Video-taping may also be done from the balcony, but should not interfere with the sound technician or wedding guests.

It is the Parties responsibility to ensure that the photographer and videographer understand and abide by these policies. Should any problems arise with conforming to these guidelines, a conference should be called between the Party, the Wedding Director, and the photographer and/or videographer. If a photographer and/or videographer should fail to abide by these rules, that photographer and/or videographer will not be allowed to participate in future weddings at SSBC.