minister and wedding director

All worship services are under the supervision of the SSBC Minister. Once a Wedding Reservation Application is completed it will go to the SSBC Minister for review and approval. Disapproval may be with or without cause.

If an outside minister is to assist or preside in the wedding, the SSBC Minister will discuss this with the Party and issue the appropriate invitation to the visiting minister. The Party must furnish the visiting minister’s name, address, and telephone number to the church office. 

All use of the Sanctuary or other facilities must be approved by one of the SSBC Ministers. 


An SSBC Wedding Director will be assigned based on availability. Once the wedding date is set and confirmed, the SSBC Wedding Director will assist in all details concerning the wedding. The Wedding Director serves as a liaison between the Party and the church. Therefore, the services of the church-appointed Wedding Director are mandatory. If the Party employs the services of an outside wedding planner/coordinator, that person shall work under the supervision of the church Wedding Director.

The Wedding Director will assist the Party in planning the wedding service and is responsible to the Party within the confines of the church policies.

The Wedding Director will acquaint the Party with the policies and procedures of the church and with the facilities that are available. The Wedding Director will work with the minister and the Party both at the rehearsal and at the wedding. The Wedding Director is responsible for attending to the details of the wedding to assure that the entire event takes place in as reverent and gracious a manner as possible. 

On the day of the wedding, the Wedding Director will make sure that the facilities are accessible to any vendors (florist, photographers, caterers, etc.) at predetermined and agreed times - within the 6 hour time period allowed.

The Wedding Director will coordinate with the Party and the custodial staff to assure that the facility is cleaned prior to and following the ceremony and made ready for subsequent church use.