floral arrangements

The Sanctuary is designed to reflect the simple beauty of things holy. It does not require or need elaborate additional display. Unless approved by the Wedding Director, all furniture and symbols will remain in place. 

Decorations should enhance the beauty of the Church and not detract from the ceremony. Fresh flowers, greenery, and non-drip candles are the only items that can be used for decorating. The Wedding Director will be available to consult about suitable decorations for the Sanctuary. 

Non-flammable material must be used to protect floors and carpets from candle drippings, even though non-drip candles must be used. Unless approved by the Wedding Director, candelabra(s) or floral arrangements may only be used in the Choir Loft. Choir chairs may only be moved, by the Wedding Director. 

Unity candles must also be non-drip or protection must be used on the carpet below the Unity candle stand. Non-flammable material must be used to protect the floor and carpet under the Unity candle. 

Pews may be marked with flowers; bows or ribbons should be tied to the pews. POSITIVELY no tacks, glue, tape, or nails may be used on any furniture, walls or elsewhere in the Church. Access from the pews to the aisles must remain open.

It is the responsibility of the Florist to remove floral debris prior to the wedding.

Flowers, decorations, and equipment must be removed immediately following the wedding ceremony. If arrangements cannot be made for items to be picked up and removed following the wedding, the items will be moved to a storage area designated by the SSBC Custodian. These facilities MUST be left in the same condition in which they were found.

The Church does not decorate or remove decorations in the Sanctuary or Chapel; this is the responsibility of the Party. In the event of a Saturday wedding, the church must be cleaned and ready for Sunday services no later than 8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. Failure to comply will constitute forfeiture of the security deposit.

The Church will be happy to use flowers arrangements left from the weddings for our worship services when this is possible. The Party should discuss this with the Florist and the Wedding Director. 

Should any problems arise with conforming to these guidelines, a conference should be called between the Bride, the Wedding Director, and the Florist. If the Florist should fail to abide by these rules, that Florist will not be allowed to participate in future weddings at SSBC.

For safety reasons, no rice, confetti, birdseed, or similar material may be thrown inside or outside the church.